Tom Petty Asshole

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[bB Dm G]

Your [bB]Brain went [Dm]black when she [G]took back her love,
and [bB]put it out [Dm]into the [G]sun.
The [bB]birds did [Dm]fly when the [G]heaven all went dry,
and the [bB]cigarettes where [Dm]smoking by them[G]selves.

[Bb]She will do anyth[Dm]ing, she will do anything.
[G]She will do anything to make you [bB]feel like an asshole.

[bB Dm G]

[bB]Call her [Dm]name she [G]looks the same as you,
with [bB]question marks [Dm]stretch across the [G]skin.
She [bB]dangle [Dm]carrots [G]makes you feel embarrass,
to [bB]be the [Dm]fool you know you [G]are.

She will do anything, she will do anything.
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